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GSARGear Tip: Moist Towelettes

December 8, 2009

Moist Towelettes*

Moist towelettes. The multi-tool of sanitation.

They pack tight, and make great space-fillers anywhere in your pack or pouches, and can be used for just about everything, from washing hands or faces to cleaning watches, glasses,electronics, flashlight lenses, and any other gear needing a wash. They’re quite cheap, but they are a great help in the field. They even come in bug-repellent variety for even more uses.

I always pack several extras in extra nooks and crannies in my gear, they’re just useful little things to have. Be sure to pack some on your next misson/training exercise.

*Image © Johnson & Johnson Consumer Companies, Inc.


GSARGear Review: Modular Shear Sheath

November 18, 2009

Ground Search and Rescue Gear Review:

Jones Tactical Modular Shear Sheath.

Scissors/Medical Shears are really useful on GSAR missions, but most medical pouches have the shears holder inside the pockets, and getting them out in a hurry is always difficult, and a lot of times you end up spilling the contents all over the place. This sheath is specially designed to mount on PALS webbing or a belt, which means you can mount it on the outside of your gear, which in turn makes it easier to get to than digging through the rest of your equipment. The sheath has a simple hook-and-loop flap which runs through the shears handle, so the shears stay locked in and don’t slide out, but you can draw the shears one-handed without any trouble. It performs really well, stays well out of the way until you need it, and just generally does what it was designed to do. It’s about 4.5″ long by 2″ wide, and it can hold smaller shears in place or bigger ones by attaching the flap higher up.
I highly recommend this piece of gear to anyone, it’s really sturdy and just works.

  Photo By Ranier Gear.

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